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Hotel Mirage Menus


Beverages Price
Choice of Tea (Regular / Masala / Lemon / Black) 39/-
Plain Soda 39/-
Plain Coffee 49/-
Choice of Aerated Water 49/-
Mineral Water 49/-
Fresh Lime Soda (Sweet / Salty) 79/-
Lassi (Sweet / Salty) 79/-
Hot Chocolate 79/-
Choice of Juices (Orange / Pineapple / Litchi / Mixed Fruit / Grapes) 99/-
Diet Aerated Drinks 99/-
Cold Coffee 129/-
Cold Coffee With Ice-Cream 149/-
Choice of Shakes (Vanilla / Strawberry / Chocolate / Banana) 149/-
Energy Drinks 199/-


Breakfast Price
Boiled Egg (2 Pcs.) 79/-
Butter Toast 69/-
Jam Toast 69/-
Choice of Omlate With Bread Slice (Plain / Masala / Cheese) 99/-
Veg. Sandwich 129/-
Veg. Cole Slaw Sandwich 139/-
Cheese Sandwich 149/-
Cereal With Milk 169/-
Puri Bhaji 149/-
02 Stuffed Prantha With Curd or Lassi With Pickle, Butter And Tea / Coffee (Aloo / Onion / Gobhi / Mix) 189/-
02 Paneer Prantha With Curd or Lassi With Pickle, Butter And Tea / Coffee 299/-


Soup's & Sobra's Price
Tomato Basil Soup (A Tomato Extract with Basil flavored.) 129/-
Tomato Dhania Shorba (Tomato extract flavored with fresh coriander leaves.) 129/-
Choice of Cream Soups (Broccoli, Mushroom, Almond) 129/-
Cream the Pollo (A thick soup with chopped chicken in thyme flavor.) 149/-
Murg Kali Mirch Ka Shorba (Black Paper Flavored Chicken Broth Garnished With Diced Chicken) 149/-
Sweet Corn Soup Veg. / Non Veg. (The Famous Thick Soup With American Corn / Chicken) 129/149/-
Manchow Soup Veg. / Non Veg. (Moderately Spiced Soup with Chopped Vegetables / Chicken) 129/149/-
Hot n Sour Soup Veg. / Non Veg. (Grated boiled vegetables served with black paper, vinegar and ketchup) 129/149/-
Talumein Soup Veg. / Non Veg. (Mushroom, French beans, carrot, cabbage, cauliflower and spring onions serve hot garnished with vinegar, chilly sauce and paper) 129/149/-
Clear Soup Veg. / Non Veg. (Boiled mash vegetables served with salt n paper) 129/149/-
Minestrone Soup Veg. / Non Veg. (Thick soup of Italian origin made with vegetables, often with the addition of pasta or rice. Common ingredients include beans, onions, celery, carrots, stock, and tomatoes.) 139/159/-


Chinese Starters (Veg.) Price
Veg. Chowmein (Glossy noodles tossed with veggies and all the classic condiments - soya sauce, celery, vinegar and chilly sauce) 199/-
Veg. Hakka Noodles (Glossy noodles tossed with Spring Onions, carrots and bell peppers) 199/-
Veg. Manchurian (Vegetable Manchurians are deep fried vegetable balls in a soya sauce based gravy. Manchurian balls mainly consists of cabbage, carrots and onions.) 219/-
Crispy Honey Chilly Potato (Crispy fried potato tossed with bell peppers & honey and sesame sauce) 219/-
Honey Baby Corn (Golden fried baby corn cooked in honey chilly sauce) 229/-
Cocktail Spring Rolls (Stir fried vegetables in Chinese wrappers) 229/-
Veg. Chopsuey (Indian Chinese style calls for fried noodles and vegetables with gravy) 219/-
Honey Chilly Cauliflower (Crispy fried cauliflower tossed with bell peppers & honey and sesame sauce) 219/-
Chilly Loose Corns (Loose corns stir hard with English vegetables, onions and green chilies) 249/-
Chilly Mushroom (Stir fried mushroom tossed in chilly sauce) 239/-
Sesame Cottage Cheese Fingers (Deep fried cottage cheese coated with sesame) 219/-
Mushroom N Baby Corn in Hot Garlic Sauce (A popular combination of baby corn and mushroom tastes as good as it sounds) 229/-
Cottage Cheese Chilly (Crispy fried cottage cheese chunks tossed with bell peppers & onion, flavored with soya sauce) 259/-


Chinese Starters (Non-Veg.) Price
Chicken Chowmein (Glossy noodles tossed with chicken n veggies and all the classic condiments - soya sauce, celery, vinegar and chilly sauce) 269/-
Chicken Garlic Chowmein (Glossy noodles tossed with chicken, garlic, Spring Onions, carrots and bell peppers) 259/-
Ginger Garlic Chicken (Diced sauté chicken finished with red chilies and ginger, garlic) 299/-
Chicken in Hot Garlic Sauce (Hot and Spicy Garlic Chicken made with boneless chicken breast, garlic, chili powder, tomato sauce) 299/-
Lemon Chicken (Chicken breasts marinated in lemon juice, then coated in seasoned flour and fried, and finally cooked in chicken broth with brown sugar, fresh parsley and lemon slices.) 319/-
American Chopsuey (A delightful preparation of crispy noodles served with chicken, vegetables and a tangy sauce.) 269/-
Chinese Chopsuey (Combination of noodles chicken and vegetables in a Chinese sauce preparation) 259/-
Choice of Chicken (Golden Fried Chicken with salt n paper) 349/-
Chicken Jackson (Stuffed chicken cooked in onion garlic coriander & brown sauce) 369/-
Chilly Chicken (Diced chicken cooked in bell pepper) 369/-
Spicy Chicken Wings 325 (Crispy chicken wings cooked in red pepper sauce) 339/-
Fish N Chips (Battered deep fried fish served with chips) 399/-
Crispy Black Pepper Fish (A golden river fish tossed in fresh black pepper sauce and chopped Green chilies) 369/-
Chilly Fish (Fish cooked in bell pepper) 399/-
Fish Chilly in Garlic Sauce (Diced fish cooked in hot garlic sauce) 319/-
Lemon Fish (Pieces of Fish fillet marinated in freshly squeezed lemon juice that are sautéed or deep fried and coated with a thick, sweet lemon-flavored sauce) 319/-


Tandoor (Veg.) Price
Roasted Broccoli (Farm fresh broccoli marinated with spice and cooked in clay oven.) 249/-
Exotic Vegetables (English vegetable sautéed with Italian herbs) 239/-
Tandoori Stuffed Potato (Potato shells stuffed with nuts & cottage cheese) 229/-
Veg. Seekh Kebab (Fresh chopped vegetables sticks cooked in clay oven) 219/-
Hara Bhara Kebab (Fresh chopped vegetables sticks cooked in clay oven) 219/-
Paneer Tikka of Your Choice (Mouth melting paneer tikka in Achari / Haryali / Malai / Irani flavored) 319/-
Mushroom Tikka of Your Choice (Mushroom tikka in Achari / Ajwaini / Malai flavored) 299/-
Paneer Mirchi Ka Roll (Cottage Cheese stuffed green chilly mix vegetable and dry fruit maked spicy) 349/-
Paneer Sholey (Clay oven cooked paneer in chef's choice of spices) 389/-
Mirage Special Platter (A combination of clay oven cooked veg. starters) 599/-


Tandoor (Non-Veg.) Price
Murg Tandoori (Clay oven cooked murg with chef's choice of spices) 319/429/-
Kalmi Kebab (Thigh of chicken marinated in gram flour & tandoori spices) 319/-
Chicken Tikka of Your Choice (Mouth watering murg tikka in Achari / haryali / malai flavored) 429/-
Chicken Seekh Kebab (Finely minced chicken marinated, skewered & cooked over charcoal) 369/-
Chicken Banarsi Kebab (Chicken marinated in mint flavor cooked in over charcoal) 279/-
Lahori Boti (Juicy lamb chunks from clay oven with chef's choice of spices) 429/-
Mutton Seekh Kebab (Minced mutton from clay oven with chef's choice of spices) 399/-
Murg Gilafi Seekh (Minced chicken imbued with cheese and cooked with bell peppers) 399/-
Fish Tikka of Your Choice (Fish tikka in Achari / ajwaini / garlic flavored) 499/-
Stuffed Tangri Kebab (All time favorite chicken stuffed drum sticks) 429/-
Afgani Murg (Stuffed murg with chef's choice of spices) 429/-
Mirage Special Non-Veg. Plater 699/-


Indian Snacks Price
Papad Roasted / Fried 39/-
Aloo Chat 119/-
Masala Papad / Chana Chat 139/-
Fresh Fruit Chat 129/-
Peanut Masala / Veg. Cutlets 149/-
Assorted Pakora 169/-
French Fries / Spicy Potatos 169/-
Boiled Vegetables 199/-
Paneer Pakora / Cheese Finger 249/-
Fish Amritshari (Chunks of singhara, marinated in - an ajwian flavoured garm flour batter, and deep fried) 449/-


Salads Price
Garden Fresh Salads (Farm fresh green salad) 99/-
Russian Salad (A medley of garden greens and fruits in mayonnaise) 139/-
Kachumber Salad (Mixture of fresh garden greens with spicy masala) 129/-
Fresh Fruit Salad (Hand picked fresh fruit salad) 149/-
Cardian of Salad (Hand picked fresh fruit chat with chef's special herbs) 149/-
Tandoori Fruit Salad (Hand picked fresh fruit from clay oven) 179/-
Chicken Salad (There is a common fallacy that chicken cannot be eaten cold on the contrary it is the basis for this magnificent salad) 229/-
Santri Murg Chat (Murg tikka served with exotic vegetable in sweet n sour taste) 199/-


Raita's Price
Choice of Raita (Aloo & Anardana / Mint & Coriander / Boondi / Mix veg.) 199/-
Plain Curd (Flavored yoghurt) 79/-
Dahi Bhalla (Sweet & sour dahi with bhalla) 169/-
Pineapple Raita (Pineapple chunks servrd with flavored yoghurt) 149/-


Indian Main Course (Veg.) Price
Aloo of Your Choice (Dum / Zeera / Chatniwala) 189/-
Dal Makhani (Black lentil & red kidney beans simmers overnight, finished with cream & butter) 249/-
Yellow Dal Tadka (A medley of split red gram, split red lentil and split green gram tempered with Indian spices) 229/-
Channa Masala / Pindi Channa (White chik peas with chopped masala & tomato gravy) 219/-
Seasonal Vegetable of The Day (Seasonal vegetable cooked In chef's style) 199/-
Paneer of Your Choice (Makhani / kadhai / lababdar / Bhurji / Cheese tomato) 299/-
Vegetable Sham Sabera (Cheese kofta coated with spinach in spinach gravy) 249/-
Shahi Paneer (Cottage cheese pieces cooked in chef's special gravy) 289/-
Mushroom Makki Palak (Mushroom, spinach and corn cooked together with fresh coriander) 239/-
Mushroom Do Piyaza (Mushroom cooked in two types of onion gravy having Indian spices in it) 239/-
Mushroom Taka Tak (Roasted mushroom tossed in yellow gravy) 249/-
Navrattan Korma (This is an Indian vegetable korma with nuts, paneer cheese, and an adjustable list of vegetables.) 269/-
Sabnam Curry (Mushroom and mutter cooked in brown onion gravy) 239/-
Kofta of Your Choice (Malai / palak / chatpata) 269/-
Paneer Khurchan (The trick is to let the paneer and masala stick for a few seconds each time before moving it on the tava.) 289/-
Mutter Paneer (Green peas and paneer cooked in veg. n tomato gravy) 279/-
Mutter Methi Malai (Green peas cooked in rich cream gravy) 269/-
Paneer Tikka Butter Masala (Roasted paneer, tossed in makhani gravy and chopped masala) 299/-
Paneer Patiala (Cottage cheese roll vegetable keema and papad roll cooked in master gravy) 299/-
Paneer Pasanda (Stuffed Cottage Cheese in Creamy butter gravy) 299/-


Rice Price
Steamed Rice (Plain basmati cooked in steam) 149/-
Matter Ka Pulao (Green peas cooked with basmati rice) 199/-
Subz Pulao (Farm fresh veg cooked with basmati rice) 199/-
Zeera Rice (Sauté Basmati rice with zeera) 199/-
Veg. Dum Biryani (Farm fresh veg. cooked with Indian herbs in basmati rice) 249/-
Murg Dum Biryani (Murg cooked in haandi with Indian herbs in basmati rice) 349/-
Mutton Dum Biryani (Mutton cooked in haandi with Indian herbs in basmati rice) 369/-


Indian Main Course (Non-Veg.) Price
Egg Curry (Whole fried egg cooked in curry style) 159/-
Murga Makhan Wala (Clay oven cooked chicken chunks imbued in tomato butter rich gravy) 359/-
Murga Kadhai Wala (Chunked chicken cooked in masala gravy) 359/-
MURG TIKKA BUTTER MASALA (Roasted tikka tossed in butter gravy and chop masala) /359-
MURG TIKKA LABABDAR (Roasted tikka tossed in tomato gravy and chop masala) 359/-
MURG HAANDI (Chicken tempered with whole red chilly & coriander seeds in Rogan gravy) 359/-
MURG KALI MIRCH (Chicken cooked in black pepper with yellow gravy) 359/-
MURG MASALA(Chicken pieces & minced chicken cooked in thick gravy) 359/-
BHATTI DA MURG(Chicken roasted & minced chicken cooked in thick gravy & 8 N 8 sauce) 359/-
MURG PATIALA(Egg roll chicken cooked in tomato curry) 359/-
MURG NAWABI MASALA (chicken seek kebab & egg cooked in brown gravy) 399/-
MUTTON ROGAN JOSH 355(Mutton curry flavored with rogan from the bork of ratanjot) 419/-
MUTTON RAHRA(Mutton chunks cooked with minced meat and Indian grounded spices) 419/-
MUTTON SAAG (Tender baby lamb cooked with spinach, Indian spices enhanced with royal cumin and garlic) 399/-
HAANDI GOSHT (Mutton cooked in traditional Indian spices) 419/-
MUTTON KEEMA (Mutton keema and green peas cooked in chop masala) 359/-
FISH CURRY GOAN STYLE((Fish chunks cooked in goanise traditional style in coconut gravy) 419/-
FISH TIKKA MASALA(Chunked fish cooked in masala gravy) 429/-


TANDOORI ROTI (The common unleavened whole floor bread ) 29/-
BUTTER ROTI (The common unleavened whole floor bread with butter) 39/-
MISSI ROTI(Gram flour bread, mixed with onion, green chilly, ginger coriander, kasoori methi & spices) 49/-
PLAIN NAAN(A simple – but delicious- unleavened flour bread, garnished with kalonji and melon seeds) 49/-
BUTTER NAAN (A simple – but delicious- unleavened flour bread, garnished butter) 59/-
GARLIC NAAN(Leavened flour bread, topped with chopped garlic) 69/-
LACCHA PARANTHA (A multi layered shallow fried north Indian flat bread) 59/-
ROOMALI ROTI(Our Chef special hand made flour bread) 69/-
ROOMALI PALAK ROTI(Our Chef special hand made flour bread in spinach flavor) 79/-
ALOO/ONION KULCHA(Soft leavened flour bread stuffed with spiced,chopped onion & potato) 69/-
PANEER KULCHA(Soft leavened flour bread with stuffing of fresh cottage cheese, green coriander& spice) 99/-
CHEESE NAAN WITH GRAVY (Soft leavened flour bread with stuffing of fresh cottage cheese, with spice gravy) 199/-
KEEMA NAAN WITH GRAVY(Naan stuffed with mutton mince & spices with gravy) 249/-


Desserts Price
Hot Gulab Jamun 79/-
Choice of Ice Creams (Choco chipps / Butter scotch / Banilla / Strawberry / Chocolate) 99/-
Kesri Kheer 129/-
Seasonal Halwa (Moon Dal Ka Halwa/ Gajar Ka Halwa) 149/-
Tutty Fruity Small / Large 129/149/-